What to say….not gonna be a “Get your asses up here” type of weekend but it should be decent. We don’t have a lot of snow in the forecast but temps are headed in the right direction. We should continue to freeze up but there are a lot of problem spots out there in wet areas. Even some areas that are not normally wet. A little snow this weekend and early next week, the Lake is smooth and packed down. You’ll find good riding.

I have a lot of openings in the rentals. Email me your dates.


It was his fifth round of golf in five days, and his wife had left a note on the fridge.

“It’s not working, I can’t take it anymore!” she wrote. “Gone to stay with my mother.”

He opened the fridge, the light came on and the beer was cold.

He said to himself, “What the hell is she talking about?”

Happy Fricken New Year.

I hope everyone woke up safe and happy this morning. Snow and cold is what we needed, more snow coming in the beginning of next week. Lots of sleds out late last night, not too many this morning. Trails should be in good shape except for wet areas, be careful out there, there is a lot of water holes through out the area.  Misty will be at Fishtales with me Friday and Saturday, come see us in action again. And don’t forget Kristie is at South Branch in Ewen Saturday night.

Trails are back open, not as much snow as I thought. I should have not doubted Dr Phill, the 18+ I thought we had was mom’s whole driveway. It drifted pretty good. So it was 8″ like Dr Phill said. Lesson learned is get your ass out of bed and go outside before telling everyone how much snow we have.

Trails closed, too much snow.

Just kidding, we did get dumped on again though. Looks like 18+ at moms house. Dr Phill reported 7.8 in Bergland but he may have made a mistake, the Porcupine is back up to 2 1/2 feet in mom’s back yard. The trails didn’t get too bad with all the warm weather and rain we had, there was plenty of base so we survived. I’m sure the groomers will be out in full force, so give them a little bit of time to get things cleaned up. Be careful of known wet areas, I’m sure some of them got worse. Cold is coming in too. It is going to be a “get your Asses up here” type of weekend.

Late on posts, I know, been a busy Holiday season and I’m running late right now. So here goes:

Mother Nature sucks, she threw us a curve ball. Although the trails from the few I talked to are not bad. In fact they are a lot better than you would think considering the temps. It knocked a lot of snow on the Lake down which is good. Sleds are riding the Lake, still slushy but there is a well beaten path. Snow and cooler temps on the way after the weekend, it will get a lot better soon. But for now it is not bad.

Gotta run, come see Misty and me at Fishtales tonight.


Trail Conditions: We will survive.

Weather: Cooling off and snow this weekend.

I finished up at Dutches this past Sunday. I would just like to give everyone down in Marenisco a big thank you for excepting me into your town and treating me so nice. I really enjoyed working down there and meeting all of you. You guys are the best and I hope to come visit very soon.

The weather up here has not been cooperating very nicely. But in a way the warm helps in some ways. We have lost about a foot of snow in Mom’s front yard mainly because of the warm southern winds. This has also knocked down a lot of the snow on the Lake, which means the colder weather will make ice faster. That’s a good thing. Out in the woods will not be effected near as much with melting. Although problem areas like 8 west heading to Marenisco will open back up with water and mud issues. Some snow and cooler temps are coming in over the weekend, so with that and some Groomer Magic our trails will bounce right back.

This is usually family week with a lot of people with young kids around so please ride slower and be safe out there.

Becker and I want to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have fun and be safe where ever you may be.

Trail Conditions: Holding up so far.

Weather: Mother Nature YOU SUCK.

Riders reported good to very good conditions out there. Everything seems to be holding up. Temps hit the 40’s the last few days but we have a good base down. The warmer weather did knock down all the snow on the Lake which is good. Sleds have been running Bergland Bay for a while now and the Last week or so they have been running the west shore. An ice fisherman told me there was 10 inches of good ice in front of Gogebic Lodge. Temps are going to stay warm for the next week or so but the trails will survive, they may get rough if we get the Christmas traffic we usually see.

I’m done down at Dutches in Marenisco, I’ll be at Fishtales the rest of the winter. We will be open Wednesday thru Sunday at 2pm.

Trail Conditions: I haven’t talked to anyone yet

Not sure how it’s going out there but my guess is conditions should be pretty good. Traffic looks to be down, in front of mom’s house has been more quiet than past weekends. Temps are going to be in the 30’s the rest of the week and starting to cool back off after next weekend. At least that’s what it looks like right now, check back in an hour or so it may change.

Trail conditions: Good but could get soft.

After looking at my crystal ball I’ll make a prediction, Wisconsin opened up their trails so that will take away some traffic up here. Temps are warming up, not good but we do have a good base down. I would expect trails to get loose and rough depending on traffic the 26th through New Years. But lighter traffic and colder at night will help. With the warm temps it would help if riders took it easy on the trails, but we all know what is going to happen when you hit the trails “grab a handful and ride like you stole it”. LOL

Trail Conditions: Very Good

A few warm days of riding ahead of us. By Christmas we are back below freezing for highs though. Hopefully we will not have very many hours above freezing so not a lot of melting will go on if Mother Nature keeps the sun hidden. Take it easy on the trails if you are riding out there, haste makes moguels, taking it easy can go along way in keeping the trails flat.

I been getting emails about the Lake. Bergland to the Hoop has been heavily traveled, last night I seen two sleds come up the east side of the Lake. The west shore has seen a half dozen or so on their shore. Let the first couple thousand go through to pack it down before you try it. You’ll live longer being a big fat Chicken.