Moonshine Riders Poker Run.

Trail Conditions: Good to very good.

Weather: Cold.

Don’t Forget Today is the Moonshine Riders Poker Run. Come into one of the bars and enter. Great trails, short post, I got to get to Timberline Sports. See you there…….. or at Dutches tonight.

Trail Conditions: Good to very good.

Weather: Probably a foot+.

I have an opening in the Little House Feb 14,15 and 16.

Snow and wind is supposed to tapper off today. I know we need snow to ride but yesterday sucked. LOL Living the Dream.

Tom Miller is always complaining that we need a foot of snow, so I hope you are happy buddy we got that and then some.

I am not sure what I can say about conditions out there, everywhere there is plenty of snow. I think not only our club but all of the area grooming clubs have stepped up their game. The Groomer Tracker app which I heard comments on in the beginning was a bad idea turned out to be very good for the clubs participating in the program.

I am going to help out at Timberline Sports today, come on in and buy something to make me look good. On second thought Becker is the only thing that makes me look good. Just come in and buy something.

A 25-year-old Jewish girl tells her mum that she has missed her period
for two months.

Very worried, the mother goes to the local pharmacy and buys a
pregnancy test kit The test confirms that her daughter is pregnant.
Shouting and crying, the mother says, “Who was the selfish bastard
that did this to you? I demand to know!”
Without answering, the girl picks up the phone and makes a call. Half
an hour later, a Bentley stops in front of their house. A middle-aged
and very distinguished man  steps out of the car and enters the house.
He sits in the lounge with the father and mother, and tells them,
“Your daughter has informed me of the problem. I can’t marry her
because of my personal family situation but I’ll take charge. I will
pay all costs and provide for your daughter for the rest of her life.”
He continues, “Additionally, if a girl is born I will bequeath two
retail furniture stores, a deli, a chateau in France and a £1m bank account.”
He continues, “If a boy is born my legacy will be a chain of jewellery
stores and a £25m bank account.”
“However, if there is a miscarriage I’m not sure what to do. What
would you suggest?”
All silent at this point, the mother placed a hand firmly on the man’s
shoulder and told him, “You’ll try again.”

Trail Conditions: Good to very good.

Weather: Snow about 8 so far.

I have an opening in the Little House Feb 14,15 and 16.

Update on my day. I woke up and called Becker, she was stuck too at the rental. After walking back over there I borrowed Mom’s car and went and borrowed a plow truck. I got Becker unstuck, my truck unstuck and the rental plowed. So now it is eat and go to bed.

By the way we have a lot of snow. I should know I been walking in it all day. Conditions are gonna be good. Come on up and see us.


Trail Conditions: Good to very good.

Weather: Snow and cold coming.

I have an opening in the Little House Feb 14,15 and 16.

Good conditions out there according to a few that I talked too. Shit it got busy at the Lodge. Then after the kitchen closed everyone wanted pizza and pull tabs. Oh lots of drinks too. Great night I had a lot of fun. But my asss was dragging at 2:30 when the last sledders left. And then came clean up time.

So I got the place cleaned up and headed for home. Being the nice guy that I am I figured I would stop at the rental and get the towels and sheets for Beck. Bad Idea, I stuck the trunk in the driveway. So after working 12 hours I ended up walking home. So now it is 6:30 and I’m going to bed. Get your asses up here but leave me alone, I need sleep.

Shout out to Travis: Hey Moose this crew from Indiana is wishing you were here.



Three blondes were all applying for the last available position on the
Texas Highway Patrol. The detective conducting the interview
looked at the three of them and said, “So y’all want to be cops,
huh?”The blondes all nodded.

The detective got up, opened a file drawer, and pulled out a folder.

Sitting back down, he opened it, pulled out a picture, and said,
“To be a detective, you have to be able to detect. You must be able
to notice things such as distinguishing features and oddities like scars
and so forth.”

So he stuck the photo in the face of the first blonde and withdrew it
after about two seconds. “Now,” he said, “did you notice any distinguishing
features about this man?”

The blonde immediately said, “Yes, I did. He has only one eye!”

The detective shook his head and said, “Of course he
has only one eye in this picture! It’s a side profile of
his face! You’re dismissed!”

The first blonde hung her head and walked out of the office.

The detective then turned to the second blonde, stuck
the photo in her face for two seconds, pulled it back,
and said,”What about you? Notice anything unusual or
Outstanding about this man?”

“Yes! He only has one ear!”

The detective put his head in his hands and exclaimed,
“Didn’t you hear what I just told the other lady? This
is side picture profile of the man’s face! Of course you
can only see one ear! You’re excused too!”

The second blonde sheepishly walked out of the office.

The detective turned his attention to the third and last
blonde and said, “This is probably a waste of time,
He flashed the photo in her face for a couple of seconds
and withdrew it, saying, “All right, did you notice
anything distinguishing or unusual features about this man?”

The blonde said, “I sure did. This man wears contact lenses.”

The detective frowned, took another look at the picture, and began looking at
some of the papers in the folder. He looked up at the blonde with a puzzled
expression and said, “You’re absolutely right! His bio says he wears contacts!
How in the world could you tell that by looking at his picture?”

The blonde rolled her eyes and said, “Well, Hellooooooooo!
With only one eye and one ear, he certainly can’t wear glasses.”


Trail Conditions: Good to very good.

Weather: Snow and cold.


11.1 degrees here this morning.

NWS is predicting 16.9” of snow by Friday afternoon.

Weather Underground predicts 6-11”.

It is going to be good out there this week people. Cold and snow coming our way. So I am just going to say Get Your asses up here again. Check out Tom”s Trail Report on Facebook for pics from groomers or just pack your shit and GET YOUR ASSES UP HERE.

At one point during a game, the coach called one of his 9-year-old baseball players aside and  asked, “Do you understand what cooperation is?  What a team is?”

“Yes, coach”, replied the little boy.

Do you understand that what matters is whether we win or lose together as a team?”

The little boy nodded in the affirmative.

“So,” the coach continued, “I’m sure you know, when an out is called, you shouldn’t argue, curse  the umpire, or call him an asshole.  Do you understand all that?”

Again, the little boy nodded in the affirmative.

The coach continued, “And when I take you out of the game so that another boy gets a chance to play, it’s not a dumb-ass decision or that the coach is a shithead is it?”

“No, coach.”

“Good”,  said the coach.  “I’m glad you’ve got it. Now go over there and explain all that to your Grandmother.”




I am open from Feb 13-20th at Skip’s Place

Trail Conditions: Good to very good.

Weather: Snow tomorrow. Today too but only 1-3.

I had a cancelation at Skip’s Place, I am open from Feb 13-20th. Email or call me with your dates.

Nothing but snow and cold in the forecast, great conditions people, GET YOUR ASSES UP HERE.

A little old lady was walking down the street dragging two large plastic garbage bags behind her.
One of the bags was ripped and every once in awhile a $20 bill fell out onto the sidewalk.

Noticing this, a policeman stopped her, and said, “Ma’am, there are $20 bills falling out of that bag.”

“Oh, really? Darn it!” said the little old lady. “I’d better go back and see if I can find them. Thanks for telling me, Officer.”

“Well, now, not so fast,” said the cop.

“Where did you get all that money? You didn’t steal it, did you?”

“Oh, no, no”, said the old lady.

“You see, my back yard is right next to a golf course. A lot of golfers come and pee through a knot hole in my fence, right into my flower garden. It used to really tick me off. Kills the flowers, you know. Then I thought, ‘why not make the best of it?’ So, now, I stand behind the fence by the knot hole, real quiet, with my hedge clippers. Every time some guy sticks his thing through my fence, I surprise him, grab hold of it and say, ‘O.K., buddy! Give me $20 or off it comes!’ 

“Well, that seems only fair,” said the cop, laughing. “OK. Good luck! Oh, by the way, what’s in the other bag?”

“Not everybody pays.”

Trail Conditions: Good to very good.

Weather: Cooling back down and snow on its way.

The last few days I said there was no rain in the forecast. I didn’t see the drizzle coming. Two days of drizzle made it pretty miserable for riders but what the hell at least it was Super Bowl Sunday and most hunkered down to watch the game I think.

Temps are headed back down in the right direction and snow is forecasted this week. Two days of drizzle did knock the snow depth down but it will only add to a hard base in the long run.

It was great seeing old, new and current friends at Gogebic Lodge last night. Becker even came out for the game and we had a blast, I THINK LOL. And yes Liz you looked like you had fun too.

Next week is the Moonshine Riders Poker run. It will be another fun weekend at Da Lodge.

 As Air Force One arrives at the Heathrow Airport, President

Trump strides to a warm and dignified reception from the Queen. They

are driven in a 1934 Bentley to the edge of central London, where they

change to a magnificent 17th century carriage hitched to six white

horses. They continue on towards Buckingham Palace, waving to the

thousands of cheering Britons; all is going well.

Suddenly, the right rear horse lets out the most horrendous

earth shattering fart ever heard in the British Empire.  The smell is

so atrocious that both passengers in the carriage must use

handkerchiefs over their noses. The fart shakes the coach, but the two

Heads of State do their best to ignore the incident.

The Queen politely turns to President Trump and says: “Mr.

President, please accept my deepest regrets…I am sure you understand

there are some things that even a Queen cannot control.”

Trump, always trying to be “Presidential,” responded: “Your

Majesty, do not give the matter another thought.  Until you mentioned

it, I thought it was one of the horses.

Party at Gogebic Lodge

Trail Conditions: Good to very good.

Weather: No rain in the forecast.

There was a mist in the air at midnight last night, it could happen again today with temps in low 30’s for a bit. Trails were good for the most part but top layer getting a little sugary in spots. But snow is in the forecast with temps headed back down. Looks like another great week of riding so you better get your asses up here.

Super Bowl Party tonight at Gogebic Lodge. Come on out and join the us for a great time tonight.


Trail Conditions: Should be very good.

Weather: No rain in the forecast.

Low 30’s on Sunday with NO rain in the forecast, and a few more inches of snow coming our way. I have not talked with riders but I can almost assure you conditions are great out there. I’m at Dutches tonight and the Gogebic lodge Sunday days and Monday night. Come to the Lodge Sunday for the Super Bowl Party starting at 4pm.


Get up here and Ride.

Trail Conditions: Should be very good.

Weather: No rain in the forecast.

Rain that was in the forecast earlier in the week is off the radar now. Warming up for the weekend than snow and back to normal temps. I won’t be back in contact with riders until Saturday night when I work at Dutches but I’m sure we are in great shape after the snow we received. Sunday days and then Monday and Wednesday night at Gogebic Lodge.

Psychometric test


See if you can solve this one.

Facial expression interpretations are an important part of the respected Mayo Clinic psychometric test.

In the following pictures you see women with a range of facial expressions.

Study the expressions, and try to imagine what single act each is experiencing.

They are all about to sneeze!


You failed………….