I have not received Dr. Phill’s snow report yet but I would guess we got a good 8″ or so. Cold weather is settling in for a couple of days so that will be a good plus. Coming home from Marenisco Sunday night sucked big time, 34 degrees and misting out. That was a slow ride home. But well worth it since “The Fish” and Brock were waiting for me when I got the the Hoop. Conditions for this weekend should be better than last weekend but if you come up be aware there are going to be shitty conditions around the wet areas. * west of the Hoop going to Wakefield will probably be a problem spot for a while yet. Sunday I heard all the way to Iron River was very good riding. As I have been writing Dr. Phill’s report has come in.

35 degrees and a strong south wind when I was coming home from Dutches at 1am this morning. It looks like about 6 inches of snow went down from the looks of the porcupine in Mom’s back yard.  Don’t worry there is plenty out there and more coming this week along with lower temps. I think next weekends conditions are going to be a lot better than this weekends were.

Update: 4pm: Many sleds crossing the Bay between Hoop and Bergland. Let the first 1000 go before you do.

There are a few sleds around, I can hear them running north of town, must be them small penis-loud pipe guys. 8 west of Bergland is still swamping sleds in the water holes. I only see one track from a sled on the Lake between Bergland and the Hoop. It’s early season riding at best, if you come use extreme caution out there. More snow is on the way along with some negative temps early next week.


Colder weather and a bit more snow headed our way. The Snowmobile clubs are doing their best to get problem areas in shape but we need Mother Nature’s help.


Lots of trail pictures on Facebook by Gogebic Area Grooming of trail conditions. Although we got dumped on by the snow gods it has added to the water problems in the wet areas. But later this week temps are falling, just what the doctor ordered.

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Yep Trails are Open

Trails are open and there are a few die hard sledders around. From what I have seen from the road some places look excellent and some ok. But you can bet there is a lot of unfrozen water hazards out there.  All the snow is not going to help the Lake freeze either.  But it is all good and everything will work out in the end

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Weather: In the 30’s.

Trail Conditions: We got snow.

Dr PHIL SAID 8″ but Merriweather received a good 18″ I think. Becker knows the difference between 8 and 18″. We got more of that white shit than we kinow what to do with right now.  Hey Mother Nature how about some cold temps?

Weather: In the 30’s.

Trail Conditions: Wet and white.

Starting out in the higher 30’s and then lower 30’s during the day for the week ahead. Some snow in the forecast but nothing major. Not real good for December 1st opening of the trails but be patient and it will come.

I’ve been off line lately because I’ve been staying with Mom,  She hit a few bumps in the road to I’ve had to stay at her house, right on the Lake. I’ll wave to you from the live webcam.

Here is an update from Dr Phil on conditions;

Weather: In the 30’s.

Trail Conditions: Wet and white.

https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ato3RPa4-J6I0lsaM-F14VQ0IlyI?e=vCawmd Click here 

Click the link above to see a video of Dr. Phil blowing snow 4 years ago.  For now we are in the 30’s during the day and below freezing at night. Snow is in the forecast, not a lot but enough to keep us white.

I’ve been busy with mom, damn oxygen has been kicking her butt lately. Not a bad gig for me though staying at her house her on the north end of Lake Gogebic staring down the Lake and watching the ice freeze.

Shout out to future ex-wife: How is my future ex-mother in law?

Weather: In the 30’s.

Trail Conditions: Wet and white.

Temps are below freezing at night but in the 30’s during the day. So much for an early start. Not the end of the world though, the snow and sub zero temps will be here before you can say SUMMER SUCKS.

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